Wait! Do Asbestos Testing Before Renovating

The first place you will visit after waking up in the morning is a bathroom. It is another comfort zone of yours next to your bedroom. The bathroom is the place when you can prepare your energy for starting your new day or relaxes with warm bath after such a tiring day in the workplace.



It will be very annoying having your bathroom flooded with water after you have bathed, leaking or cracking on your bathroom tiles, or poor lighting that causes you having trouble in doing some activities. These conditions must be very uncomfortable. These situations make renovation be the preferable option for you.

But wait! A renovation is not that simple. If you plan to remodel or reorganise your bathroom, be sure to take notice of the mistakes in doing bathroom renovation that you have to avoid.


Here are some mistakes in bathroom renovation that you can take into your consideration.

  • Unplanned remodelling: If you expect a successful renovation, well planning is a must. By having a well-thought renovation plan, you can minimise any mistake or risk. It will also save your money, and you can have a guarantee that the renovation project will work well. It is quite risky if you think of the plan while the project is undergoing. The best thing to do is to plan ahead of what will be involved in the renovation project like budget, materials needed for the design, also the contractors to be employed.


  • Unplanned purchasing of materials: It is absolutely and obviously a mistake to purchase the materials for the project without planning, designing and measuring it first. Don’t let sale or discount ruin your entire plan. Seeing unique and pretty materials like floor tiles can be quite tempted, but you need to control yourself. It will be of no use to buy unmatched or unfitted materials.


  • Engaging a professional without asking a fixed-price contract: The mistake that will cost you in doing a renovation is when you hire a professional without arranging a fixed-price contract. A fixed-price contract will prevent you from being charged with extra cost. If you happen to accidentally select a dodgy contractor, he might ask for more money when an unpredicted work comes up.


  • Selecting wrong hardware and fixtures: You will do a serious style blunder if you buy mismatched fixtures. If you choose a certain colour for your toilet, make sure the other elements, such as a sink, tub and the finishing matched the toilet.


  • Needless bathroom fixture arrangement: Maybe due to the hope of saving space, you rearrange the location of your toilet, shower and sink. In bathroom renovation, those items previously mentioned are one of the most expensive items. Keeping them in place will be a better choice.


  • Ignoring safety during tile choosing: When you select tiles, the most important thing that should be your primary concern is safety instead of aesthetic. You should choose tiles that are not slippery to prevent any accident in the bathroom. FIY that there is a grading system for tile slipperiness in Australia. When you buy tiles, be sure to buy an R10 grade at the least. This grade is suitable for the application in wet areas.


  • Neglecting asbestos testing before renovation: It is really important, and you should not ignore it when you are going to do a bathroom renovation. If your house belongs to the older houses category, you should be aware because houses built before the 1990s are highly likely to contain asbestos. The asbestos products can be found in various places, such as the bathroom. For houses built in the mid-1980s asbestos was often used in ceilings, walls or tiles of the bathroom.


If you destroy an asbestos-filled bathroom, you will risk not only the members of your family but also the surrounding neighbours. Therefore, before you do a bathroom renovation, you are strongly recommended to consult with the asbestos expert to identify the presence of any fibrous material in your bathroom. If accidentally you disturb the fibrous products, you are suggested to contact a qualified removalist for handling the removal. Do not risk yourself with DIY for the asbestos removal project.



Why Asbestos Should Not Be Ignored

If you are following some news related to incidents involving asbestos, you will realise that this material is a really a life-threatening substance. It has killed many people in Australia, and the experts have predicted that in the future the victims will add.

Asbestos is a mineral that is occurring naturally. It consists of tiny fibres that if it becomes airborne, people can inhale it and has a serious health risk. There are various diseases related to asbestos including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Therefore, if your house was built in between the mid-1980s until late 1990s, you need to be alert about its presence in your house. Before you begin the renovation project, you need to remove it first. Where can you ask for help for the removal? There are many removalists available in every territory and state.


Price of Asbestos Removal

What about the cost of the removal? Well, the cost of removal in Australia will vary in each location. Here is a standard estimation of the removal prices in some areas in Australia that we get from external sources.

If you are in or near Brisbane area, such as Ipswich, the average cost for the removal of this fibrous material is about $40/m2 which is the lowest compared to other areas. The average cost of removal in Australia is around $50/m2. Meanwhile, the highest price for removal of fibrous material is in South Australia, at about $90/m2.

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