Useful Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

On many occasions, we are reluctant to carry out a remodelling project due to two main reasons: planning and cost. Both one and the other may not be a problem and are closely related. With bad planning, we can suffer high costs, either because we do not choose materials well or because we do not optimise all the available space we have.


It’s easy to remodel your bathroom if you know how. Here are some tips to make your bathroom remodelling, not a nightmare. From what elements can be dispensable to what tools you must use to optimise your work. Take note!



Technology for Reforms

Nowadays, there are plenty of software that allows us not only to improve the distribution of our room but also to make it possible to see an estimation or simulation to the final result that we have in mind. Many of these programs require us to pay, but we can also find some that provide us with several tools for free.


In case we can not have software to help us with the remodelling of our bathroom, we can use a simple checklist. It can point out all the details regarding our usage habits (how many people use the bathroom, if any of them are children, how much time we spent in it, etc.) and what elements we would like to introduce (bath, shower, toilet, etc.). Once we have compiled the list, we must adapt it to the space we have.


What type of lighting do you use in the bathroom?

As you know, lighting is one of the most important points when creating environments inside the bathroom; In addition, it is not only to adjust the space but also the functional level. Whenever possible, we should opt for natural light inputs. If you do not have this option, you can opt for bright light for general lighting and warm light for specific points.


Choosing a bathroom coating

The coating is not only for the sake of aesthetics of our bathroom but is also part of the technical equipment. A poor choice of wall cladding can cause moistures to appear in the medium or long term. In the case of choosing a tile, we can cover only half of the wall, maintaining a more conservative style, or opt for full coverage of more typical of an industrial style. In a case of opting for smooth walls, it is necessary to choose a paint suitable for high humidity. You can make the compositions to see the final result using specialised software or collages with the photographs of your choices for the bathroom.


Less is more in the bathroom

Putting too many elements inside the bathroom will cause the room to lose its maximum function: relaxation. Nowadays, there is a new trend of hiding some elements for the bathroom. For example, hiding the toilet flush begins to be a common occurrence; Or also, the concealing of shower trays. Remember, eliminate all that can be dispensable: you will gain space, cleanliness and excellence.


Bathroom furniture: you gain space by choosing correctly

It is time to choose one of the most essential parts of our bathroom since, in the matter of decoration, the bathroom furniture is one of the central pieces on which the style revolves. There are many types of bathroom furniture: functional, adaptable, deep, extensive, etc. In this case and due to the great variety of styles, sizes and characteristics, it is more advisable to establish what decoration our bathroom will have and then to choose the right furniture.


Accessories for the bathroom

It is the most fun part because it involves shopping, but you are going to spend very little money. The trick is to find accessories that do not cost you that much. If you have painted the bathroom’s walls, bathtub and the washbasin and also changed the floor in harmonious colours, you only need to add harmonious accessories. You can change the carpet, shower curtain, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, dispensers and other accessories. Those accessories will add a modern touch to your bathroom, and in accordance with the style, you are creating.


Check for dangerous materials

It is also important to be done before you begin remodelling your bathroom. Just before replacing the floor or walls, check if there is asbestos installed. Asbestos can be extremely dangerous if it is disturbed. It can cause a serious health risk. So, performing asbestos testing and asbestos removal before is very recommended. If you live in Brisbane, you can search for the most qualified asbestos removalist in your area.


As you have read that remodelling does not always mean to be expensive. With tight-budget you still can do the renovation. All you need is planning. Planning is important since it will help you control the budget and you will not have to spend on things that you don’t need. So, important to note that you have to make a solid plan before doing the remodelling project.

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