Ideas for Eco-Friendly Garage

Formerly known as the most undervalued room in the house, garage now has shown its value to potential buyers after undergoing a comeback through a makeover, and now garage has become the main focus. To make your house the best real estate property in your area is by renovating your garage. The best way to do it by making it eco-friendly.



Not only eco-friendly garage has the ability to increase the value of your house, but also reduce your carbon footprint. It can make your space more enjoyable and at the same time do something for the environment. These following tips provide you with advantages for the process of remodelling knowing that this process has never been easier.


Do Something to Your Lighting

Energy-saving lamps have been installed in many of modern American houses. It has become the standard, and so it should have because these lights are so good and they cost up to 75% less! Although the change has been done by many homes, it has not been applied to the garage where it is common to have several different lights.


Lighting takes about 12% of the total energy used in your home. This increases over time, and when you have a spacious garage, it requires lots of light. Your garage will occupy a large percentage of that 12%. To save the energy, you need to switch to LED and CFB lamps. Apart from being cheap to buy and those lamps also save lots of money each year on your energy costs.


Changing the lighting is particularly useful when you use your garage as the room for working, playing or other purposes that need you to spend a lot of time there. As expected that if you spend more hours in the room, the lights will need to be turned on much longer which will result in greater monthly expense. Using LED and CFB bulbs will help you save the money. Working spaces also get the advantage from the lower voltage wall lights which brighten your workspace and nothing else.


Insulate the Garage Door

A garage door can be the access for the heat to pass through in your home. Therefore, to save the energy it needs some corrections, and it is also something that can be easily fixed.


You can get garage door insulation kits via online at affordable prices. There are some dealers that provide the tools you need to change your old, metal, heat-sensitive garage door into an energy saving one. It’s not only about the heat. When you turn on the AC in those hot summers, this garage door is responsible for letting plenty of heat in your house escaped which causes the cooling air to leave the room.


Insulate the Walls

In addition to insulating your door, you also need to insulate your walls. You can change cold and hostile walls into something that retains the heat during winter and circulates fresh air in the summer with a little work of insulation. The choice is yours, either you can do a little as or as much as you wish to because the better the work and the higher the expenses, but you can save more money in the long run.



Other things you should wrap and protect are pipes and ductwork. All for the sole purpose of preventing energy losses over the ceiling.


Before you insulate your wall, check your existing insulation which may contain asbestos. In the past, asbestos was known for its excellence when it came to insulation and was massively used in houses. Therefore, you are recommended to perform asbestos testing and removal before replacing the older one. Remember to use a licence holder professional for the project. You can find them through Clear Asbestos Removal Brisbane, for example.


Repair Cracks

Even the slightest crack can lead to a considerable energy loss in your house, and in the garage in which you can locate a lot of holes and cracks there. All you need to do to fix these problems is a quick inspection and a small filler. These little things may help you in saving more energy in your garage naturally.


Save Water

Some people waste lots of water which can be as much as 40 swimming pools of water each year, and a significant amount of that water is used for car washing and lawn watering. However, you do not have to waste that much of freshwater. Instead, you can use the collected rainwater in the barrel.


You can collect all the rainwater into a large barrel and use it for your yard or car simply by installing a simple funnel system on the roof of your garage. You do not need to save water during dry seasons. This method also can reduce the water consumption of your home.


To conclude, you can decrease the bills for the energy once you build an eco-friendly garage. Also, you help to protect the environment and your children and pets. In the beginning, you will need to spend extra time and effort to begin, but its benefit such as reducing bills and additional peace will be worth everything and not to mention increasing your home value.

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