Home Project to Consider: Changing Your Exterior Siding

If you think that it is only the interior of your house that matters, you need to know when we talk about the look, the exterior is also as important as the interior. First and foremost, the first thing that you will notice when you see a house is an exterior. Also, it reveals to the guests, friends and neighbours who you are exactly as well as your family. And the appearance of the exterior all starts with a siding.



If you are considering of investing your money on your house remodelling, you need to know the pros and cons about common siding materials. Additionally, you also have to know about the cost and when is the best time to start the project. Houzz provides some information to help you decide a face-lift for your home.


Reasons for Replacing or Upgrading Your Exterior Siding

What is the reason for replacing or upgrading a siding? There are two important reasons to upgrade or replace either damage or deterioration of current siding, or just want to transform the appearance of your home.


According to house professionals, most people choose the first category. Perhaps people had or bought a 30-year-old house, and its siding is already badly degenerated until the owners are worried about the intrusion of water into their house.


Since the exterior is subjected to the elements, it is impossible to last forever. Washing out from the sunshine, ruin from the storm or the results of your foot-footed teenager stick to the side of your home – there are many things that can damage your siding.


When Do You Need to Replace it?

You may consider replacing the siding that is damaged, let’s say one of your sidings was bumped by a car or burned by a small fire. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds.


Many companies do not do the repair because it is a requirement for the contractor. In addition, it is very hard to adapt to the current sidings because of the deterioration and availability of the specific product.


If you have some damaged siding and it does not cause any leaks or water damage, a lot of house experts recommend that you should wait until you can change all the sidings on your house.


Common materials

Nearly all products are created to imitate the actual cedar siding. No doubt that each product has its pros and cons, and it is crucial that you do your some researches before talking to siding professionals or contractors.


Many times the siding professionals consider only one material and would like to sell you on that certain product. Contractors may be accustomed to the installation of a specific material and try to convince you to use another product. So learn and make the right decision.



It is made from plastic, which is available in different thicknesses and qualities.



Pros: It is available in different colours and textures. It is inexpensive and enables the most insulation behind it. The product provides a guarantee for a lifetime – the lifetime of the product and not your lifetime. It is also chemically treated with insect repellents and resistance to decomposition. In addition, the installation is fast.


Cons: Since it is made from plastic, so it will – deform, bend, break, wash out. This product normally only remains until 10 to 15 years. It is also not resistant to fire.


Fibre Cement

The compound is primarily made of silica, Portland cement and also recycled cardboard.


Pros: It is long-lasting, fire and hail resistant. Insurance companies can offer you a small discount if you install it. It is also chemically treated with resistance to insect repellent and resistance to putrefaction. It also can be painted and is available in prefinished from the factory in various bold colour and choices.


Cons: It is very weighty and time-consuming when it comes to installing it, which means it will need more budget. The bad news is that a few contractors are not too happy working with it.


Note: There is fibre cement used for siding that contains asbestos. It was usually installed in older houses. So, if your house is categorised as an older house, you are recommended to remove it and change it with the asbestos free material. You will need a contractor to perform the removal, but make sure you hire a licensed contractor that you can get through Clear Asbestos Removal Brisbane.



Real wood

Pros: It is the right deal. Cedar looks wonderful. It is also quite easy to change since you can easily go to your local lumberyard and get them to install it, then paint it.


Cons: Cedar is very costly and not easy to be maintained. It tends to have problems with moisture, putrefaction, insects, rodents and woodpeckers, yes that bird.


When to Start the Work

December and January are the slow seasons for a lot of exterior siding specialists, but you can start contacting the company to be enlisted for the spring, which is the busy season. Therefore, you can expect to start the job on the first day of the March.

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