Asbestos Removal Ipswich: The Ultimate Guide in Engaging A Removalist

Ipswich is one in many areas in Australia, which faces an asbestos contamination problem. However, the solution to the problem is not as simple as it may look. An asbestos removal Ipswich service is commonly associated with a high-risk work, high cost, and uncertainty of the work quality.



However, since an asbestos removal Ipswich work is required to be performed by a professional with proper training and certification, it is important to get a competent contractor who can carry out the remediation work to the standardised requirement. The sorting can be conducted as follow:


Asbestos License

An asbestos removal Ipswich contractor must have either one of the following licenses:

  • A-class license is released for a business who manages any type of asbestos product, including friable (a product that can be easily pulverised into dust or smaller particles) and non-friable material.
  • The B-class license only allows its holder to work on non-friable ACM, which is more than ten square metres and all contaminated waste (including the dust and debris) from the removal of non-friable material.


Both licenses is valid for five years, and it’s only released to a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU).


Since a remediation is started by an identification process, the step must be carried out by someone who has an assessor license. As regulated by the Work Health and Safety department, an assessor able to perform particular work related to an A-class contractor, such as air monitoring, clearance check, and issuing a clearance certificate.


The same as an asbestos removal license, this assessor license is only valid for five years. But the license is issued to individuals. The assessor must also follow certain conditions administered by the WHSQ to ensure a proper practice in carrying out the assessment work.


The license is not only needed in the identification and removal of asbestos, but it’s also required for transporting the contaminated waste to a legal disposal facility that accepts asbestos. The licensing for transporting dangerous waste is administered by the Environment and Heritage Protection Department (EHP). The department is also able to release a fine or penalty to those who are dumping asbestos waste illegally. The penalty will be based on the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011.


Further information about licensing regulations can be accessed at Worksafe Queensland.


Working history

The next thing to consider when seeking an asbestos removalist is by checking the working track record. In some cases, a removalist may have done something illegal while working in an asbestos project. Since working with asbestos needs an extra precaution and has to be conducted perfectly, if an asbestos contractor doesn’t perform the job under the safe work guideline in the past, there would be a chance for the contractor to do the same mistake. Thus, it will potentially harm the client from an asbestos exposure risk.


Insurance coverage

It is important for an asbestos removal Ipswich contractor to be covered by insurance. This liability insurance can provide a warranty when an unexpected incident occurs during the removal project.


The insurance itself should cover several elements:

  • Public: whenever an incident happens and may risk the public to the danger of asbestos exposure, the insurance can protect the public from any remediation side effect.
  • The contractor: the insurance ensures a full protection for the contractor from any mistakes and error that may happen on-site.
  • The workers: Since the field personnel are the one who interacts with ACM directly, they will need an extra protection that can cover their safety during the remediation work.


Subcontractor use

Further thing to consider in choosing a trusted contractor is whether the company uses its own task force or subcontract the project to another company. If the removalist is using its own personnel, it will provide a more controlled working standard. But if the project is subcontracted to the other party, the same methods of assessment, as mentioned above, must be performed to the subcontractor as well. The measures are needed to ensure that the subcontractor will conduct the job as expected.


The significance of choosing a licensed contractor

Having a professional removalist to work on asbestos in any building can be advantageous. There are at least 3 benefits of hiring a licensed removalist, and they are:

  • The main benefit of using a licensed contractor is that the remediation work is being handled properly by following the safe work guidelines and current regulations.
  • It’s not necessarily to put any of the family members or the neighbours to the risk of asbestos exposure. An asbestos removal expert has been provided with a suitable gear and supported equipment to ensure that the removal job is carried out securely.
  • A reliable removalist will also ensure a secure disposal of the contaminated waste to the disposal facility that accepts asbestos. Therefore, it will reduce any possible contamination to the surrounding area.



Asbestos removal Ipswich insights

Licensed asbestos contractors are small in numbers compared to the contamination cases, which is spread across the continent. The same thing happens to asbestos removal Ipswich. There are only a few numbers of removalists who are registered for obtaining a legit license.


It would not be surprising if there are many asbestos contractor cowboys who try to take the advantage from this incident. Therefore, it is very important to take further research and references before deciding to hire a contractor. An assessment procedure will ensure that the asbestos remediation project is taken over by someone who knows what to do to keep the homeowners, building managers, and the whole occupants secure during the removal project.


However, there’s another way, which is much simpler than wasting time to do a contractor research since dealing with ACM contamination is a race against time. Clear Asbestos Removal is the best choice to get a reliable and licensed removalist to perform any of non-friable asbestos removal Ipswich project. Only those removalists who have obtained full licensing, extended experience, and manage to deliver a secure and clean result that can receive our seal of endorsement.


Take your time to browse through our list of endorsed contractors and communicate with them directly. Call them TODAY and have your free quotes because removing asbestos cannot be easier than getting the right help from Clear Asbestos Removal.

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