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In addition to its amazing physical features, asbestos possesses a great risk to human health. It’s been widely known that exposure to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can lead to the development of aggressive illnesses such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

How To Handle Asbestos Properly With Removal Process in Brisbane

Any old building that was built before 1985 has a high possibility of using ACMs in its construction. Be safe with these useful tips and information about ACMs to keep you protected.

What is an ACM?

An ACM is a material that contains more than 1% asbestos. Its great strength against heat and also its durability has made it popular in Australia, especially in the construction industry. In spite of its benefit, ACMs have negative effects on human health. Due to their negative effects, in 2003, the government released a total ban of ACM use in new properties.

However, the problem doesn’t stop afterwards. There are still many buildings across Australia that is estimated to contain these deadly fibres in their structures. ACMs are still present in different types of buildings including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

As the legacy from the past, you may find ACMs in the old backing of an electric box, ceiling, roofing, fencing, cement sheeting, and even a dog kennel. Nowadays, there are approximately 3,000 products have been identified as containing this carcinogenic fibre.

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How to clean ACMs from a property safely?

The government has released several codes and regulations regarding this issue. There are also many guidelines available out there on how to handle this material properly. However, rather than conducting a DIY attempt, hiring a licensed removalist is the safest way in handling fibre-contaminated products.

Why should I call a professional removalist?

It’s because a professional removalist can manage your ACM problems in the safest way possible. You don’t have to be afraid that you will be exposed to the deadly fibres since a pro has adequate training, experiences, and equipment to work with this carcinogenic material.

Moreover, his knowledge and expertise allow him to identify all contaminated products that may be hidden inside your building’s structures. If needed, he will perform a sampling and testing process to get an accurate result. He will collect the samples and sealed them in thick plastic bags, labelled, and sent to a NATA accredited lab.

There are other services offered by licensed contractors that can best suit your needs. The services are as follow:

  1. Asbestos removal
  2. Asbestos testing
  3. Asbestos management plan
  4. Roof removal
  5. Emergency repair
  6. Demolition
  7. Air monitoring
  8. Soil remediation
  9. Consultant

So, which license holder should I contact?

Since the service costs offered by these two license holders can be different, you should know what kind of material you are dealing with. Often, a B-class removalist will offer a cheaper cost for his services rather than an A-class removalist.

TIPS: You may also hire an assessor to check your premise first! By doing this, you can get a complete report of ACM findings in your property. It will help you to decide which license holder should you hire.

How dangerous are ACMs?

When a person is exposed to fibres, he will have a possibility to suffer from an asbestos-related disease (ARD). One of the illnesses, which is the rarest type of ARD, is mesothelioma. This health disorder starts to develop after the deadly fibres enter the body and puncture the internal organs.

Mesothelioma can develop more than 20 years without showing any symptoms. There is currently no medical treatment that can help the ARD sufferer. It’s estimated that the life expectancy of an ARD patient is around 6 to 12 months after the first symptom appear.

Safe asbestos removal Brisbane procedures

This project must be carried out in accordance with safe work guidelines and regulations to ensure a secure working environment for both the workers and the homeowner.

    • Obtaining an ACM register: The government of Queensland stated that a property owner, who owns a building that was constructed after the 31 December 1989, doesn’t need this document. However, the property has to be inspected to ensure that it doesn’t contain fibrous materials. This document have to be updated every 5 years and must be easily accessible for the building occupants.
    • Creating an asbestos management plan (AMP): If ACMs are detected in your property, a removalist will prepare a management plan to ensure that your building occupants are safe. Especially, when a removal job is being performed.
    • Limiting access to the worksite: During the removal process, the site has to be limited only to workers who perform the jobs. Signs and barricades will be placed to limit the access to the working area. They will also inform your neighbourhood about the remediation process.
    • Decontamination and waste disposal: The removalist must perform a decontamination process to clean all equipment, tools, and facilities that are contaminated by fibres. Then, all contaminated waste must be placed in a secured container, labelled as toxic waste, and disposed to an authorised disposal site.
    • Clearance assessment: An assessor will conduct an on-site inspection to make sure that the area has been cleaned from any ACM. They will prepare a clearance document to clarify that the area is safe for reoccupation. An air monitoring may also be conducted to ensure that the air is safe.

Another thing to consider

As regulated by the law, every asbestos removal work must be performed by a licensed professional. However, some people out there may claim themselves as an expert. Therefore, you have to be careful when seeking help for your ACM problems.

You must get as much information as you can about the contractor that you’re going to be hired. You may ask the removalist directly, or you may get further help from your local council or just find some reviews about them online.

Some important info that you have to know are as follow:

  • What kind of license and permits do they have?
  • Can they provide you with some references about their previous projects?
  • How will they perform your project?
  • Is the quote reasonable? (You can ask about the expenses you’ll be charged in detail)

You can ask any kind of questions before making a contract, so you’ll have a full control of the project and also the budget.

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