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Asbestos Management Plan Brisbane

Asbestos has been used for decades in Australia for numerous construction purposes. Despite of its national ban in 2003, we can still find a lot of buildings contaminated by asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Since fibrous material can still be found in residential, commercial, and industrial properties; it’s crucial for landlords and property owners to increase their awareness when it comes to dealing with this carcinogenic product.

Property owners and landlords also need to understand about its danger to human health and potential law breaking that could occur.

ACM fibres can be hardly seen by human eyes. Moreover, they’re odourless and tasteless, which make them difficult to be found by untrained individuals. When entering the body, these fibres will cause serious health disorders, which can last for years. Therefore, it would be better to take an extreme precaution when handling ACM products.

asbestos management plan Brisbane

In many cases, the fibres are incorporated in different parts of a building such as in insulation system, flooring, fencing, roofing, and fibro sheeting products. The best way to get more information of the contamination level in a property is by hiring a licensed assessor to perform an inspection. Moreover, if the material is friable. This means that the material is very fragile and can easily release fibres into the air. For this reason, obtaining an asbestos management plan Brisbane is necessary to keep your building occupants safe.

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To get a better insight of its importance, having an asbestos management plan (AMP) for your place is required to make sure that:

  • Known ACMs are properly treated, including those that are suspected of being contaminated as well.
  • Damaged ACMs are removed from your building in a proper manner.
  • All personnel are trained to do the job without disturbing the residing ACMs.
  • All ACMs are recorded and informed to your building occupants.

The urgency of having an AMP for your property is very high. The reasons are as mentioned below:

    • Most premises across Australia are contaminated with the deadly fibres

ACM products can be found in most commercial and residential properties across Australia. However, asbestos fibre is difficult to be identified by naked eyes. Its tiny size makes it impossible to be observed without proper knowledge, skill and suitable equipment. Furthermore, ACMs are commonly mixed with other materials to make better and cheaper construction products. This is why you need competent removalists to help you with ACM identification process.

    • Responsibility of a property manager

A property manager, who is responsible for building maintenance, must ensure that building occupants are safe from all threats that may endanger their health or even their lives. By building a good awareness, through a sound AMP, they will know what to do and what NOT to do when it involves fibrous products.

    • Strict regulation

An old property, which was built before the 1990s, has a high possibility to have ACMs. Thus, if you own an old property, you need to create an AMP to manage the risk. By law, If a homeowner or a property manager fail to meet this requirement, he/she may face a penalty up to $6,000 (individual) and $30,000 (corporate).

Nevertheless, the penalty should not become the main reason for you to create an AMP for your property. The regulations are made in the first place to keep everyone safe from fibre exposure.

A good AMP will include some information; which crucial in maintaining a safe and clean environment from any deadly fibre and dust. The information often contained in the document is as follow:

  • Obtain an asbestos register. The certificate must be updated every five years. So, you need to check the expiration date of your paper.
  • The detailed information regarding previous ACM disturbance, such as the workers’ data (who have worked on the ACM), the project’s date, the work scope, and the clearance document given after the project completion.
  • Another information about the ACM presence and how it may risk everyone in the premises. The control measures must be attached as well.
  • Implemented control measures and reasons behind them.
  • A schedule, including urgencies and dates to review the control measures, which may affect the program.
  • Monitoring arrangements
  • Responsibilities that must be fulfilled by those who work directly with the ACM.
  • Proper training to increase the workers and contractors’ awareness.
  • Methods in reassessing and renewing the control plan and ACM registration.
  • Safe work procedures.

Asbestos Management Plan Brisbane Processes

The process of designing a proper AMP must include several factors. Briefly, those factors are:

1. Initial survey

An initial inspection is crucial in to get an insight of the real condition of ACMs within the premises. You need to contact a certified assessor to do this process correctly. Based on this survey, some information will be obtained such as:

  • On-site visit to discuss your specific request
  • Another visit for conducting ACM identification at your premise.
  • Any ACM findings will be recorded, including the photos of the identified contaminated products.
  • All finding will be noted and recorded in a register form. The information included are the type of ACMs, their location, and the current condition of the materials.
  • After the identification process is done, you are going to be informed about the collected data and make sure that you understand about further measures needed to keep your property safe.

2. Asbestos register release

After a pre- inspection, the assessor will create an asbestos register for your building. The information included in the register can help others to locate contaminated products easily.

In summary, the information will describe:

  • ACM types (loose or bonded material)
  • The amount of ACMs
  • The original location of ACMs
  • Analysis (a through inspection or laboratory examination)
  • Current condition (damage and degradation level)

The above data will be included in the AMP to design a comprehensive control measures.

3. Designing a sound AMP

The AMP will be tailored according to your needs to ensure that everybody understands their role and responsibility. The asbestos management plan Brisbane will include:

  • The person in charge to manage the AMP implementation
  • Asbestos register
  • Proper measures in handling the ACMs
  • Schedule for other inspection
  • Removal and disposal protocols

4. Regular reassessment

To ensure that the implemented control measures are working properly, the AMP must be reassessed regularly. The removalist will visit your location to update the information in your AMP. The aim is to make sure that your current AMP is still relevant for your property. An outdated data will lead to improper handling of the ACMs and also you’re your building occupants to fibre exposure.

To ensure the best practice, there are other services available to support your AMP, and they are: Asbestos removal Brisbane, testing, roof removal, emergency repair, air monitoring, soil remediation, demolition, consultancy.

By choosing the right service offered by a licensed removalist, your asbestos management plan Brisbane will work perfectly to keep your family or employees safe from fibre exposure.

The importance of hiring an expert

Since there are many factors required to create a sound AMP for a property, any DIY attempt is highly not recommended. All jobs related to the deadly fibres must be carried out by someone who has the right skill and expertise. You will get some benefits from hiring a licensed removalist to do the job, and those benefits are:

  • A high-quality inspection – a thorough inspection, which can identify all ACM in your property.
  • Accuracy – If necessary, the assessor will perform a sampling and testing procedure to deliver a complete inspection report. The detail on the report will is important to determine the next actions required to create a sound plan.

You’ll get those benefits by hiring licensed removalists who are endorsed by Clear Asbestos Removal Brisbane. With B-class licensing and safe work training certification, adequate equipment and years of experiences, they will provide you with a perfect AMP that suits your needs at reasonable prices.

Take a look at our endorsed contractors’ pages and see what they offer! Or else, just give us a call, and we’ll help you out!

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